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  • Apple Store workers at the World Trade Center accuse the company of union busting
    por Mariella Moon el 19 mayo, 2022 a las 06:09

    The Communications Workers of America has filed a second Unfair Labor Practice charge against Apple this week. This time, the labor union is accusing the tech giant of violating multiple federal labor laws at its flagship World Trade Center store. The complaint alleges that Apple interrogated workers at the WTC store regarding their «protected concerted activities.» Apple also allegedly monitored those activities, or at least made employees believe that they were being monitored. Based on the group’s filing, those incidents happened on or about May 3rd. By May 15th, the group said Apple «unlawfully implemented» a rule at the store that prohibits employees from posting union flyers in work areas during their breaks. Further, it’s accusing the tech giant of conducting «captive-audience» speeches designed to discourage them from unionizing. Earlier this year, Apple Store workers across the US started planning to unionize in an effort to get the company to increase their pay, which they claim isn’t keeping up with the cost of living. Apple reportedly hired anti-union law firm Littler Mendelson, which counts Starbucks and McDonald’s as clients, in response. According to a Motherboard report, the company also recently started arming its Store managers with anti-union talking points. They were apparently instructed to tell employees that they could lose career opportunities, as well as personal time off and work flexibility, if they join a union. The Communications Workers of America also filed an Unfair Labor Practice complaint against Apple on behalf of workers at the Cumberland Mall store on May 17th. In it, the group accused the company of holding mandatory captive audience meetings regarding the upcoming union election for the Atlanta location that’s scheduled to take place in early June. Tim Dubnau, CWA’s Deputy Organizing Director, said:»Apple retail workers across the country are demanding a voice on the job and a seat at the table. Unfortunately, and in contradiction to its stated values, Apple has responded like a typical American corporation with heavy-handed tactics designed to intimidate and coerce workers. The best thing Apple can do is allow workers to choose for themselves whether or not they want a union. When we learn of situations where Apple is violating labor law, we intend to hold the company accountable and help the workers defend their rights under the law.»

  • Facebook issues $397 checks to Illinois residents as part of class-action lawsuit
    por Amrita Khalid el 18 mayo, 2022 a las 23:38

    More than a million Illinois residents will receive a $397 settlement payment from Facebook this week, thanks to a legal battle over the platform’s since-retired photo-tagging system that used facial recognition. It’s been nearly seven years since the 2015 class-action lawsuit was first filed, which accused Facebook of breaking a state privacy law that forbids companies from collecting biometric data without informing users. The platform has since faced broad, global criticism for its use of facial recognition tech, and last year Meta halted the practice completely on Facebook and Instagram. But as Voxnotes, the company has made no promises to avoid facial recognition in future products.Even though it was first filed in Illinois, the class-action lawsuit eventually wound up on Facebook’s home turf — at the U.S. District Court for Northern California. Nevertheless, the court repeatedly denied the platform’s many motions to dismiss the lawsuit and eventually certified the Illinois class-action. Facebook tried to appeal the case certification with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, but was rejected. After Facebook initially agreed to settle the lawsuit for $550 million — which at the time was the largest payout from an online privacy class-action lawsuit — a federal judge fought back and said the amount was too small. Finally, the company last year agreed to a settlement total of $650 million.The issue at hand was Facebook’s old photo-tagging system, which relied on facial recognition to recognize users in photos and videos. Attorneys representing Illinois residents argued that the platform’s “Suggested Tags” feature violated the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act. Any Facebook user in Illinois who posted a photo of themselves or was tagged on the platform during a certain time period was eligible to file a claim. Nearly 1.6 million Illinois residents in total were included in the settlement.A number of Redditors reported receiving their settlement checks via direct deposit or in the mail this week, though not everyone has received their payment yet. “I did mine and my wife’s at the same time and got one yesterday and the other today. This was through Zelle,” noted one user on Reddit.Some who opted to receive a check in the mail were a little thrown off by its non-descript appearance. “Honestly I almost threw mine away. It was sent in a brown envelope made of recycled paper. Felt just like a paper bag. I thought for sure it was junk mail,” said a user on Reddit.

  • A pregnant worker and labor activist says Amazon made her pick up trash alone
    por Igor Bonifacic el 18 mayo, 2022 a las 22:14

    Two Amazon employees have accused the company of retaliating against them for their efforts to organize workers at a warehouse in Liverpool, New York. Ashley Mercer and Jason Main filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on May 17th.According to Vice News, Amazon tasked Mercer last week with picking up cigarette butts, broken glass and other discarded trash in the parking lot of its SYR1 warehouse in Liverpool. Mercer told the outlet her manager sent her out alone and without water or sunscreen on a day when the temperature went above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Making the optics of the situation worse, Mercer is about six months pregnant, putting her at the end of her second trimester. “Approved for 10 hours parking lot clean-up,” an accommodation report obtained by Vice states. On the same day, the company suspended Mercer’s partner, Jason Main, who is also named in the NLRB complaint. Amazon later fired him for reportedly not using a step stool for moving merchandise. Mercer and Main have both been involved in agitating on behalf of the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) at a variety of warehouses in New York. Additionally, the two have come to work at the Liverpool facility wearing ALU-branded shirts and masks, while Mercer has also done the same at two warehouses in nearby Syracuse, and passed out leaflets at JFK8, the Staten Island facility that became the first unionized Amazon warehouse in the US last month.“It wasn’t until I started mentioning that I am part of Amazon Labor Union that they pulled me out of my position and put me outside the building,” Mercer told Vice. “I think it’s retaliation because I’m a big part of [the ALU] and it feels like as soon as you bring up the union, they treat you differently.”We’ve reached out to Amazon for comment.Amazon has yet to recognize the ALU. In April, the company challenged the result of the JFK8 vote, accusing the organization of threatening employees unless they voted to unionize. It also recently fired two employees who were involved in organizing that facility, and ALU itself was born out of the company’s termination of founder Christian Smalls, a former worker at the JFK8 facility.

  • Ubisoft’s free-to-play ‘Roller Champions’ heads to PC and consoles on May 25th
    por Igor Bonifacic el 18 mayo, 2022 a las 20:15

    After it first unveiled the game at E3 2019, Ubisoft will finally release Roller Champions on May 25th, the publisher announced today. The free-to-play title will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – as well as Xbox Series X/S and PS5 through backward compatibility – to start, with availability on Nintendo Switch, Stadia and Amazon Luna to follow later. Roller Champions supports both cross-platform play and progression, so you can not only group up with your friends no matter where they download the game, but your progress will also carry over between systems.Roller Champions pits you and two other players against a competing team of three in a variation on classic roller derby. Going into each match, your goal is to be the first team to score five points. You earn a single point or more by skating around an oval track and maintaining control of a ball before taking a shot at the goal. Complicating things is the fact that the players on the opposing team can tackle you to take possession of the ball. Each match lasts about seven minutes, and there’s an external progression system where you can earn gear for your in-game avatar. Ubisoft will sell premium passes players can complete to earn cosmetics that aren’t available through the game’s item shop.

  • Google’s Russian division is filing for bankruptcy
    por Kris Holt el 18 mayo, 2022 a las 19:47

    Google’s Russian division submitted a notice of intention to declare bankruptcy after officials seized its bank account. That «has made it untenable for our Russia office to function, including employing and paying Russia-based employees, paying suppliers and vendors, and meeting other financial obligations,» a Google spokesperson told Reuters.Like many other companies, Google suspended most of its commercial activities in Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine in February. Despite that and the bankruptcy filing, it will continue to provide Russians with access to free services such as Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and Android for the time being.In May last year, Russia fined Google around $82,000 for failing to delete thousands of pieces of content it deemed to be illegal. Authorities then fined the company approximately $98 million in December for similar reasons. That was estimated to be around 5.7 percent of Google’s 2021 turnover in Russia.In recent months, telecoms regulator Roskomnadzor has been pressuring YouTube to lift restrictions on access to Russian media. A Russian TV channel reported last month that bailiffs seized around 1 billion rubles (approximately $15 million) from Google after it declined to restore the station’s access to its YouTube account.While Russia has blocked many other platforms and services, including Google News, it doesn’t currently have plans to prevent users in the country from accessing YouTube. It said this week that residents would likely suffer as a result of such a move. Reutersreported that the streaming platform has around 90 million Russian users. Russia’s minister for digital development also said that, despite testing its own, closed-off version of the internet, the country plans to stay connected to the global network.

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  • Optimizeimages, un compresor y convertidor de imágenes que convierte a los nuevos formatos webP y avif
    por Juan Diego Polo el 19 mayo, 2022 a las 06:00

    Hay varios sitios web que permiten optimizar las imágenes, reducir su tamaño sin perder prácticamente nada de calidad, y hoy nos han presentado uno realmente efectivo. Se trata de Optimizeimages, una nueva herramienta creada por iconshock, toda una referencia en el mundo del diseño gráfico, buscador de iconos del que hemos hablado en multitud de… Continúa leyendo » Si te ha gustado el contenido Invítanos a un café. ¡Gracias por seguir leyéndonos!La noticia Optimizeimages, un compresor y convertidor de imágenes que convierte a los nuevos formatos webP y avif fue publicada originalmente en por Juan Diego Polo.

  • Apple Music comenzará a transmitir conciertos en vivo
    por Miriam Schuager el 19 mayo, 2022 a las 04:00

    Si eres suscriptor de Apple Music te encontrarás con una nueva sección, Apple Music Live. Sí, Apple está apostando a los conciertos en directo para transmitirlo mediante su plataforma de música. Un plus que estará disponible para los suscriptores de Apple Music de todo el mundo. Apple Music transmitirá en directo un concierto de Harry Style… Continúa leyendo » Si te ha gustado el contenido Invítanos a un café. ¡Gracias por seguir leyéndonos!La noticia Apple Music comenzará a transmitir conciertos en vivo fue publicada originalmente en por Miriam Schuager.

  • Twitter permite crear Espacios exclusivos para suscriptores
    por Miriam Schuager el 19 mayo, 2022 a las 02:00

    Twitter está sumando una nueva opción para que los creadores pueden acercarse a su audiencia. Una nueva dinámica que combina dos funciones de la plataforma, los Espacios y los Super Follows. Se trata de los «Super Follows Spaces», que te permitirá crear espacios exclusivos para dar un plus a tus Super Followers. Así son los… Continúa leyendo » Si te ha gustado el contenido Invítanos a un café. ¡Gracias por seguir leyéndonos!La noticia Twitter permite crear Espacios exclusivos para suscriptores fue publicada originalmente en por Miriam Schuager.

  • YouTube ahora destaca las partes más vistas de un vídeo
    por Miriam Schuager el 19 mayo, 2022 a las 00:00

    Una de las funciones que YouTube lleva tiempo probando con los suscriptores premium ahora se está implementando para todos los usuarios. Se trata de una nueva dinámica que te mostrará las partes más vista de un video para que puedas pasar rápidamente a los momentos destacados. YouTube te facilitará encontrar las partes más vistas de… Continúa leyendo » Si te ha gustado el contenido Invítanos a un café. ¡Gracias por seguir leyéndonos!La noticia YouTube ahora destaca las partes más vistas de un vídeo fue publicada originalmente en por Miriam Schuager.

  • Samsung comienza a probar dispositivos Matter con su plataforma SmartThings
    por Fco. José Hidalgo el 18 mayo, 2022 a las 22:30

    Matter, el nuevo estándar que permitirá la interoperabilidad de los dispositivos conectados en el hogar, está más cerca de ser una realidad, con la vista puesta a su lanzamiento este próximo otoño tras varios retrasos sufridos. Se pretende que bajo este nuevo estándar, de carácter abierto, los usuarios ya no tengan que fijarse sobre qué… Continúa leyendo » Si te ha gustado el contenido Invítanos a un café. ¡Gracias por seguir leyéndonos!La noticia Samsung comienza a probar dispositivos Matter con su plataforma SmartThings fue publicada originalmente en por Fco. José Hidalgo.